Burr Trail Outpost
Welcome to the Burr Trail Grill and Outpost Store located at the corner of the Burr Trail and Scenic Highway 12 in beautiful Boulder, Utah; the heart of southern Utah's Escalante Canyons country and the gateway to the Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument.

The scenery is spectacular. The small, ranching community of Boulder is the perfect place to stop along your journey to have lunch or a latte at the Burr Trail Grill and Outpost.

Relax, Hike, Meditate. Browse the gallery. Eat good food. Get to know quiet again. The Burr Trail Corner is your 'Oasis at the End of the Trail'.

See you at the corner.

Burr Trail Grill

grill: PO Box 1423, Boulder, UT 84716 ph: (435) 335-7503 | outpost: PO Box 1515, Boulder, UT 84716 ph: (435) 335-7565
street address: 10 N Highway 12, Boulder, UT 84716